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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thanks Giving

On this Christmas Eve I wish to be thankful.
1. For good friends.
2. A warm house.
3. A warm and fuzzy and funny cat named GiGi.
4. For winning a whole bunch of stuff this month:
An Oreck Pilot vacuum - biggest prize from MomFinds
Banner for the Raging Grannies (technically won last month got it this month)
SodaStream (how fun!) from Fru Frugal
$100 worth of Office Supplies
Honest Tech Audio Recorder (makes CDs from cassettes & LPs)
$50 AmEx card
$25 Visa card
$35 Amazon certificate
4 movie tickets
$55 worth of coupons for food & cleaning supplies (free products)
$20 Snapfish certificate
DVD of the movie Food, Inc.
Stadium Blanket (very soft & warm)
2 free passes to see "It's Complicated" - loved the movie and Meryl Streep

Wow! That's a lot of very useful stuff. I mostly try not to enter for things I wouldn't use, but sometimes I'm trying for a big prize & get a little one.

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