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Friday, October 22, 2010

Win $100 - Week 6

Join our BlogHer moms as they share their favorite meals in a bowl! Check out their posts to join the conversation and enter for your chance to win a $100 Visa gift card. Remember to check back every week for new topics and another chance to win!

Big Mama. "I believe there are few things more revolutionary than an entire meal that can be served in a bowl. Especially when it is something the entire family enjoys."

BooMama. "Now this may sound strange, but most of my favorite foods involve a bowl."

FiddleDeeDee. "As you might imagine, my mind immediately envisioned a large bowl of ice cream. But that really isn’t a meal. At least in most circles. I will admit though, that once upon a time I mixed up a batch of chocolate cake batter, and called it dinner."

A Familiar Path. "Food in a bowl makes me think of comfort. It brings to mind meals like soup, chicken and dumplings, chili, stew and macaroni and cheese. Simple, good and nourishing, but not necessarily easy. And I like easy."

Joyful Chaos. "Our more common ones include homemade chili, taco soup, white chili, cereal, salsa (it SO counts as a meal), and the kids’ favorite is chicken and rice. Super simple, warm, filling, and my kids ask for seconds. You do know what a big deal that is, right?"

Shell in your Pocket. "Great things can come in small packages! A few that come to mind are diamond earrings...oops...we are talking breakfast!"

SusieJ. "While cereal with milk is the perfect, ready-in-seconds go-to breakfast, this meal sometimes makes it rounds again as an after-school snack."

Swistle. "My favorite meal in a bowl is chicken-rice-egg-corn. It sounds icky and it looks icky, but it is SUPREME DELICIOUSNESS."

Stop, Drop and Blog. "All this talk about breakfast and cereal has made me think about the meals I love that come in a bowl."

Cookin' Canuck. "When the snow starts to fall, I yearn to fold myself into a blanket and wrap my hands around a hot bowl of soup."

My Beautiful Day. "Can I confess something to you? Maybe it’s a little quirky, and maybe it makes me just a little bit odd, but I just love almost any food that I can eat in a bowl! "

Mannland 5. "A meal in a bowl..does it get any better?"

The Frugal Girl. "These bowls are used for cereal on a very regular basis, but that’s not all we use them for. Soup, green salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, oatmeal, ice cream, and many other foods often fill our bowls."

The Burgh Baby. "Shhh. . . don't tell, but I'm totally a dork and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to have cereal for dinner."

Welcome to Quadville! "Many fun meals can be served up in a bowl. Anything from yogurt, cottage cheese and cereal, to home made mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, rice and veggies, etc. The yummy list goes on and on."

Secret Agent Josephine. "Oh bowly-bowl how I love thee. I like everything in a bowl! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert…it’s all good."

Deb, Mom of 3 Girls. "When it comes to filling up our dishwasher with dishes and silverware, I’ve noticed a strong trend in our family – namely that we go through a lot of bowls and spoons."

Suburban Turmoil. "Luckily for Kellogg's, I have to admit that my favorite meal in a bowl is...CEREAL!"

C. Beth Blog. "Has fall come to your area yet? It's starting to arrive here, with somemornings and evenings feeling positively chilly. And on a cold night, Ilove to sit down with a steaming bowl of soup, chock-full of veggies and meat and broth and pure yumminess. It warms me to the core!"

Busy Mom. "It seems like all I do at home is wash bowls. We have a large set of plain, glass bowls, and it's not unusual for every one of them to be in the dishwasher at any given time."

Everyday I Write the Book. "My favorite one-bowl meal is called orange chili chicken. I love it. It is so good. But it takes a really long time to make. My favorite simpleone-bowl meal is cereal. And that is what we are talking about today."

Cheaper than Therapy. "My tried and true favorite…cereal. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There really is never an inappropriate time for a bowl of delicious cerealy goodness."

Finding Bonggamom. "Snacks aside, we eat quite a few meals from bowls. How else can you have cereal and milk for breakfast? Or oatmeal? Or yogurt?"

Jenny on the Spot. "I took a poll and asked my kids and hubby what their favorite meal in a bowl is. Just as I expected, not one of them had the same answer. Welcome to my life."

Because I Said So. "I would say cookies, but I guess cookies aren't typically served in a bowl, huh?"

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