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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Win $100 from Blogher and Tropicana

Increase your nutrition IQ and enter for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card on each blog! Ends 5/9/11

Go to Tropicana/Blogher page and tell them in a comment how you put the "good" in your mornings for a chance to win a year's supply of Tropicana Pure Premium!

Yvonne from Joy Unexpected doesn't always have time to make a healthy breakfast for her kids. That's why she never lets them leave the house without at least drinking a glass of orange juice, since it "is full of so much good!"

Erica from My Colombian Recipes starts and ends most of her days with juice. "My mom would have a pitcher of some sort of fruit juice made for us every day when I was growing up. If you visit a Colombian home, they will offer you juice instead of soda."

Angie from Eclectic Recipes always looks for ways to ensure her family to stay in optimum health, starting with breakfast. "I like for us both to get protein, a small amount of carbs and at least 1 serving of fruit in the morning, but I always also make sure we have orange juice."

Melissa from Polka Dot Chair admits that she's not a morning person...however she does make the effort to cook breakfast on Sundays and holidays! Click here to find out what her husband loves to serve up too!

Jamie from Jamie Cooks It Up and her family love noshing on an orange...especially in the winter time! "There's not a kid walking these halls of mine that doesn't love a good orange and orange juice...? They love it just as much!"

Emily from Joyful Abode knows that for her to have good morning, she has to spend a little time taking care of herself. That means washing her hair and getting dressed in "real clothes"...and that also includes starting with a great breakfast! Check out her other good-day must haves!

Leah from A Girl and a Boy says that, "even on the best of days, waking up in the morning is not my favorite thing—so I generally need a little help putting the “good” in “good morning! One way I do that is by eating breakfast, which is by far my favorite meal!"

Angie from Fluid Pudding is reveling in the fact that her body now is able to process citric fruit—she can't put the orange juice down! "Drinking orange juice has become like discovering a new color in the crayon box for me!”

Lori from Be Different, Act Normal knows that when her daughter, Ruby is happy, she's happy. "Sitting at the table in the morning drinking juice with her, I know that she is getting something good that she needs. Not having to fight with her about drinking it is the good start to the day that I need!"

Jenny from Picky Palate feels that her mornings are always off to a good start when her family is able to sit down and enjoy their first meal of the day together. See what's her fav dish to serve up!

Lindsay from Suburban Turmoil has a hard time planning out her family's meals: they're all picky eaters! "One way I've managed to get an extra serving of fruit into the diets of my entire family each day is with Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice."

Kelsey from Vanilla Joy has always made orange juice her go-to ingredient for a good morning. By pairing a glass with whole wheat toast or steel cut oatmeal, she's able to drink her 2 servings of fruit. Find out what other breakfast recipes she's whipping up that contain orange juice!

Elizabeth from Busy Mom shares that for her family to have a good morning, they must start planning for it the night before with finished homework and prepacked lunches. See what other suggestions she gives for a good morning!

Melanie from The Big Mama Blog is so happy the weird pregnancy cravings are gone so that she can enjoy her two glasses of orange juice everyday! "I have rekindled my love of orange juice. We are reunited and it feels so good!"

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