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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Win $100 Amazon GC: Seatles Best & BlogHer Part 2

12 Bloggers were asked "What Level are you?" and tried each of the 5 varieties. They are also giving away $100 Amazon gift cards! Read the posts below and find out what each blogger learned about the Seattle’s Best Level system and enter for your chances to win. ends 4/30

Update 4/18 ~ Our bloggers have tasted all the Levels. Read the reviews and enter for more chances to win!

Angelia of Eclectic Recipes said ~ "I was also very impressed that Seattle’s Best was able to match my real personality to my coffee personality. It was so much fun."

"I am a Level One all the way, baby!"~ Said Michelle of Burgh Baby.

"Level 5 was the definite favorite." ~ Said Alison of Gimmie Some Oven.

Kristen of Newlyweds Next Door said ~ "I am a little surprised I liked the more medium blends better, because I think of myself as a “strong coffee drinker” but I guess I like my coffee somewhere in the middle so I can drink it black and drink a lot of it!"

Busy Mom said ~ "I'm a Level 4. I thought I was going to be a Level 5 for sure, but I preferred this one, it tasted a little smoother to me."

Janet of Slice of Pink is a level 3. Read what it means about her personality!

"Here’s the big reveal: I AM A LEVEL TWO!" ~ Said Jodi of Pistols and Popcorn.

"Level Five is the level that best suits Bossy’s overall coffee need, which Bossy can describe as emphatic." Said I am Bossy.

See what coffee lover BooMama thought of all 5 Levels.

Suburban Turmoil said ~ Level Four is for those of us who like our coffee strong, but not scathing. According to Seattle's Best Coffee, Level Four also has a "lingering body" and a "chocolatey, nutty aroma." Mmmmmm."

"After trying them all, I have to stick to my original idea that I am Level 1 or Level 2" ~ Said Rhoda of Southern Hospitality.

Our Life In The Kitchen said ~ "Each of the levels was a big hit with someone."

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