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Monday, May 30, 2011

Win $100 Shutterfly GC from Blogher

Sprite has asked bloggers to share how important outdoor activity is for their kids and to showcase their own collection of Sprite green tabs. Find out what keeps bloggers' families in motion and how they'd like to see their communities refreshed.

Each blogger is also giving you a chance to win a $100 gift card to Shutterfly.com! Read each and enter for your chances to win! ends 5/31

BooMama feels the abundance of kids in her neighborhood has honestly been one of the best things that’s ever happened to our her boy. "Being outside with his buddies – whether it’s at our house or a neighbor’s house or the park – has taught him so much about building relationships and solving problems."

Suburban Turmoil acknowledges that she's lucky to live in Nashville, which is beautiful and has lots of spaces and places for families to play outdoors. "My seven-year-old daughter heads outside the moment she gets home from school each day and often doesn't come in until dusk!"

Finding Bonggamom shares that with her boys, she's discovered "they are actually more prepared to settle down and concentrate if they've just had a long, satisfying bout of outdoor play, so it's good for more than just getting them to sleep at night -- it's good for their mind, body and soul!"

Cheaper Than Therapy and her family make great use of their trampoline. "Not only are they outside in the fresh air getting exercise, but more importantly, they are playing together. I couldn't pay them to play together inside."

Busy Mom is a strong advocate of keeping her kids active outdoors. "Busy Boy (age 14) is seriously considering a career in Wildlife and Fisheries science that was sparked from his experiences at camp and being outdoors!"

Mom to the Screaming Masses admits that, "when you have kids, something miraculous happens. Even the most devoted couch potato around becomes a fierce devotee of the outdoors. Or, at the very least, you become a lover of sending the KIDS out to play outside!"

Home to Three Duncan Boys shares that her boys love being outside as much as can! "They are able to use their imagination more freely. They are also able to let out as much energy as possible!"

Jenny On The Spot agrees that outdoor activity is important for her kids. "Playing outside gives a child freedom to move. It clears their lungs… and getting outside provides an escape from the potentially mind-numbing options available indoors (the television, the computer, the couch, the potato chips…)."

Find out where to donate your tabs and learn other ways you can support the Sprite Spark Parks Project.

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