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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Win $50 Visa GC from BlogHer & Head & Shoulders

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Winter is right around the corner ya’ll! I love this time of year…yummy food, the holidays, scarves, boots, and a dry, itchy scalp. What? Huh? A dry itchy scalp! Yes, you heard me; I am a victim of dry skin and an itchy scalp. Lack of moisture in the winter can lead to super dry tresses. No one likes to admit it, but it happens sometimes. 
Head & Shoulders, along with BlogHer, asked me to review the Eucalyptus Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care. I have dry skin anyway, but in the winter it gets crazy. For some reason, this year I have the pleasure of having a dry scalp. Misery, I tell ya. I was shocked as I turned to friends and twitter for advice, at just how many people deal with the same issue.  
We are in the midst of fall right now, and that means weeks of cool weather in the 60's and 70's followed by random stretches of a day or two here and there where the weather will dip into the very chilly 30's and 40's. I guess that's nature's way of getting us ready for the cold, negative numbers we are about to become very familiar with, when winter arrives for what seems like half the year here in the midwest.
It's no secret that I have a head full of naturally curly hair. It appears thick, but it's fine, and there is a lot of it! It requires a lot of daily product use to keep the frizz at bay, and moisturizing is a priority. With the use of multiple products, I am always tackling dry scalp and buildup. It's a daily job to keep my hair healthy and still keep it long. My biggest hair complaint is my dry, itchy scalp.  
I've shared my hair issues with you before. I've also shared with you that I love HEAD & SHOULDERS. I just love it. I live with a scalp that itches like crazy. I mean crazy. I'm constantly thinking about it, constantly wanting to scratch away. I hate it. But it doesn't just stop there. It flakes. It's gross. It's rather embarrassing. Some days I have to slip on a hat when it's extra bothersome.  
Winter is coming, and with it dryer air. My dogs are all scratching from the dry air coupled with too many flea baths and reminding me how I normally feel this time of year. I recently had the opportunity to try out Eucalyptus Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care shampoo and conditioner for that very problem. Well, not the too many flea baths part, but every winter my scalp itches like crazy from the dry air. 
A long while back, I remember polling my Twitter friends as to how frequently they washed their hair. The results confirmed what I had already suspected; I wash my hair decidedly less often than the majority. My hair is long, color-treated, and on the dry side. As a result, I've found it looks much healthier and feels much softer if I leave it alone as much as possible. 
Thing I Currently Like: My Hair... ...but definitely not my hips or my boobs. I have child-bearing hips and tiny bubbies and can some doctor reader please do a pro-bono boob job on me PLEASE? Half-kidding. I do like my hair, though. 
Living in MinneSOOOOOOta, I get to experience all sorts of things...hotdish, lutefisk (actually, I've never had it), triple digits below zero, walking on large bodies of water, saying "pop", "youbetcha" and "dontchaknow", and dry, itchy winter skin. I know, I know...don't everyone rush here all at once. You know you want to. 
Friends I have a secret.  Read more

The best surprise...soft, hydrated, fluffy hair.

During the winter, if you could call it that here in LA, I have a not-so-glamorous secret...itchy scalp. The cold, windy weather wreaks havoc on my scalp. It's not exactly a stylish look to be itching my head as I walk down the street. It makes me miss my soft, hydrated, itch-free hair of the summer months!  
Head & Shoulders had a campaign a few years back highlighting the concept that healthy hair began with a healthy scalp. Since it was a product I already used on occasion to correct scalp issues [cough::dandruff::cough::cough], I decided to use it more regularly. For a good 12 months, I experienced the benefits of my healthy scalp begetting healthy hair. And then, one day, I changed to another product.
BlogHer asked me if I would like to try out a new shampoo and conditioner from Head & Shoulders, which was supposed to help correct dryness, itchiness, and sensitivity of the scalp, along with eliminating flakes. It was actually a pretty timely request because our weather is changing, and we’ve had a couple chilly snaps. 
From the title of the post, you are probably thinking I am going to share some new recipe for wonderful flaky biscuits or a flaky pastry, but you'd be wrong. Today I am going to share with you a bit about my flakes...my dandruff flakes.  
My favorite color for clothing is black. You will always find me in a black shirt, dress, sweater, etc. Why am I telling you this? When I wear black, I prefer not to have unwanted flakes showing up on my shoulders. You know what flakes I’m talking about. If I must tell you, they are the ones that come from the result of having an itchy scalp!  
I was given the opportunity by BlogHer and Head & Shoulders to review the new Head & Shoulders Advanced Formula Eucalyptus Itchy Scalp Care shampoo and conditioner. Although I do not suffer from dandruff, in the wintertime I consistently experience itchy, dry scalp and often will sneak some of my husband's Head & Shoulders shampoo! Shhhh. Don't tell.  
We all know about bad hair days. How many of us know about bad scalp days? I do! Especially in the fall. Seasonal scalp changes are more common than many of us may have realized.My hair is very long. The last time my girls measured the length, it was 38 inches. 
When my son complains his head is itchy, I don't, after years of watching him go through this, automatically assume he has head lice.  
I wanted to let you in on a secret. I just might be addicted to the new line of Head & Shoulders. Yes, this is a paid review, but seriously, I’m in love. Not only do I have an uncontrollable mop head at times, but with all this hair, my scalp can get itchy, especially in the winter months. With the cold months creeping up on me, it’s time to start thinking about these lovely locks. 
Not sure about you, ladies and gents, but this time of year takes a toll on my hair and skin. I experience changes I am not personally fond of.DRYNESS, first and foremost. I suppose the cooler temps and the heat being turned on are the major factors. 

Smells so great and really works!

I don't know how many of you remember that back in July I took colouring my hair into my own hands and totally fried my scalp. Since then, I've been struggling with dryness, flaking, and a regular feeling like my scalp was fighting off an infection (can scalps get colds?) I even had trouble wearing my hair in my standard ponytail because of the tenderness on certain areas of my head.
My family suffers greatly from dry skin, and it gets really bad during winter. The moment the heater is turned on, we all start to shrivel and flake. Finding the right remedies for our skin and hair is always a challenge, especially since none of us want to smell like a medicine cabinet. 
The first time I went to get a haircut after Evan was born, I mostly went for the shampoo and blow-dry. My hair hadn't been both clean AND dry in five months and the thought of wasting precious napping time on something as frivolous as a shower was laughable. So I figured hey, three birds one stone! A haircut will TOTALLY make me look less exhausted and overwhelmed! 
After our little Bennett was born last summer, I noticed my scalp itched almost daily. I thought maybe I was eating something that was causing it to be sensitive, or maybe I just wasn't washing it often or well enough now that I had four kids and less time to take a shower every day! 
No one likes to admit they have dandruff. Avoiding dark colored shirts so no one sees the flakes settling on your shoulders, instinctively leaning away when that special someone wants to run their hands through your hair, trying to look as if you're just lost in thought as you sneak in a quick scratch of your scalp...some of us will try anything to hide the secret in our hair.

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