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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Win $150 Target GC from BlogHer & 3M 0629


3M Family Movie Fun Sweepstakes

Win $150 Target GC

We invited 15 bloggers to try host a movie night using the 3M Mobile Projector. Visit the links below to read their reviews and enter to win a $150 Target gift card. 3M Mobile Projectors are available at Target. Check out the 3M Mobile Projector website to learn more and find special offers.
The BlogHer 3M Family Movie Fun sweepstakes run from 5/21/12 through 6/2912 and are only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck!
Every Friday is Family Night, and this 3M™ Mobile Projector is going to be a regular part of our Friday nights from now on. This past Friday, I was at my sister’s house working on her laundry room re-do. While I was working I hooked up the 3M Projector to my iPhone and put it on the dresser in the guest room. The 3M Projector can be plugged into an outlet for power but it also holds up to a two-hour charge.
We have so many plans for it! We have a big party planned for the neighborhood soon. And we used it in our bedroom when one of our kids wasn't feeling well. He was quarantined so he watched a movie on our wall. But the idea I am sharing today is a homemade drive-in movie theater!
But before the 3M Mobile Projector made its way to the Father and Son camp-out we played around with it at home. We projected it off of our walls and our ceilings, which was incredible. We have high ceilings and the detail and color of the picture was great! We were able to gather around and laugh at funny YouTube videos rather than have all five of our heads squished together around the small iPad screen.

Two Hours of Quiet

So we (meaning me!) nixed that idea and instead got creative. We bought a movie through iTunes and projected it onto our basement wall and created a little movie theater for the kids, and they loved it. (They loved it not only for the novelty of it, but also because I've been in strong no-TV-mode for the last few weeks and they were having major screen-time pangs.  
When it arrived, the kids and I all had our own ideas on how to use it. In fairness, we decided try it together as a family. We grabbed some snacks and gathered in the boys' room to watch a photo slideshow of our recent Disney vacation. It was a really fun way to view our vacation photos on the "big screen." The kids were so excited when they realized now they can watch movies anywhere, even outside. 
But all that has changed with the new 3M™ Mobile Projector. It's a small mobile projector that allows big-screen viewing of your content just about anywhere. It projects onto walls, ceilings, anything you can turn into a big screen. You can watch YouTube videos, slideshow photos, TV content and movies via iTunes. I can't wait to use it all summer long for slumber parties and outdoor campouts. The kids can all get in their sleeping bags and I can project a movie right on the side of our house.
We have an outdoor movie party every year at the end of summer. We provide every kind of topping you can imagine and our guests bring their favorite kinds of ice cream. In the past we've borrowed a projector, but now we have the 3M™ Mobile Projector! It's small and portable and hooks up to an iTouch, iPod, iPad or even my laptop -- amazing!
This fun gadget is going to be getting a lot of use. Movie-theater-themed parties, photo slide shows for birthdays, keeping the kids entertained before bedtime while the adults have a game night. And because the projector is completely portable and can be charged ahead of time, I am not limited to having these fun activities inside my home where an outlet is available. I could even take it camping and watch a movie on my tent wall! Now that is my kind of camping! It is like having my own mobile movie theater. 
Wow! That was so much fun! We need to do that again. Those are the things we were saying at the end of the night last night. We had just finished enjoying an entirely new experience. We watched a movie on a huge screen in our own backyard.
I think we may need a bigger treehouse. Or perhaps it's just right, nice and cozy, where everyone is touching at least 2 other people, or more, if that person's name happens to be momma. I put Drummer to bed, Ryan whipped up a big plate of chocolate pancakes to be eaten without fork OR plate, and we shooed the baby dills up the tree with pillow and blanket where a movie projected on a pillowcase was waiting for them: Treehouse Movie Night

When my husband heard that we were getting a 3M™ Mobile Projector for our movie night he was impressed. But when I let him get it out of the box and set it up, he was like a kid in a candy store. He kept saying "This is really cool, this is so cool." (Boys and technology!) But it is a really cool gadget (the whole room was pretty impressed).
My boys are so excited to use our 3M Mobile Projector this summer! Camping, slumber parties, and family movie nights just became that much more fun. If your kiddos (or husband, ahem) are into gaming, the projector will connect to DVD and gaming consoles with an additional 3M Composite Cable. With the right cable, you can also project angry birds from your phone right onto your wall! Keep it in mind for Father's Day, ladies.
Do you ever find a product that just takes you to another time and place the minute you use it? Where just turning it on brings a wave of nostalgia and gives you warm and fuzzy feelings? The 3M™ mobile projector did that for me! I may have squealed when I opened it, and again when I started it up. It just takes me back to days where people would sit around watching old home movies on a sheet hung on the living room wall. Fun times!
As a mother and family person I am excited to be able to share home movies, YouTube videos and slideshow photos with my family and friends.My kids love LOVE being outside. The 3M mobile projector is great for lazy summer movie watching while lying on the trampoline. We simply projected the movie from our iPad onto the fence. It was a neighborhood hit!

Well This Is Cool!

With the handy-dandy 3M projector we can now spread out on the floor or couch and project our 14-inch computer screen onto a 40-inch screen on the ceiling or wall. Come summer we will be using the side of our house! Oh how nice

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