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Friday, July 20, 2012

Win $100 from Breyers and BlogHer 0726

Bloggers and Their Families Enjoy Delicious Frozen Treats!

Have a blast with bloggers and their families as they share some of their favorite ways to enjoy spending time with family and friends. We invited these bloggers to try two new Breyers® Blasts!® flavors and to tell us how their families enjoyed them. Click on the posts below to read their reviews of the new flavors and enter for the chance to win a $100 gift card from each blog!
The BlogHer Summer Blast sweepstakes run from 6/28/12 through 7/26/12 and are only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules.  Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck!

Read the Reviews!
Those of you who have been with me a while know about my family's secret. Yes, it's a naughty, secret addiction...ice cream! LOTS and lots of ice cream!Yep, it started early with my husband's first job, which crazy-spoiled us with the ability to bring home ice cream, fresh off the line. Our love of the dessert has never, ever abated--even after he went on to a less exciting (read no more ice cream) career path. 

Summer Blast

Summer is officially here. We live in the desert, and that means scorching temperatures over 110 degrees. There are many who love the heat, and there are those who retreat to cooler locations to avoid it. While we may not love the heat, we certainly make the best of it!  Our favorite way to have a blast in the summertime is by living in the pool!  We swim every single day from May through September. We are so lucky to live close to many fantastic local resorts!  Scottsdale is prime real estate for upscale resorts, spas and water parks!
Summer is HERE! Well, it's here in the desert. And it's HOT! Today it was 99 degrees! One way to cool off is to chow down on some nice, cold ice cream, and BlogHer was kind enough to let us sample two new Breyers Blasts! flavors:Breyers Blasts!® Chocolate REESE’S®: This new variety features chunks of REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup pieces and REESE’S Peanut Butter swirled in chocolate frozen dairy dessert.Breyers Blasts!® OREO® Birthday Blast!: This new variety features OREO cookie pieces and rainbow sprinkles in artificially flavored cake-flavored frozen dairy dessert. Yay for free ice cream! 
When I got an email asking me to review two of Breyers new ice cream flavors, I had to check first to make sure we didn't have them already in our fridge. Breyers is a staple in our house. Chris is a huge ice cream fan, and when he wants a little treat, I always bring him home a new flavor to try. We had not yet sampled the new Breyers Blasts!® Chocolate REESE’S® or the Breyers Blasts!® OREO® Birthday Blast!, so I couldn't wait to add two new flavors to our line-up. (For a complete list of Breyers Blasts!
Sometime in the last two years - without realizing it - we formed a tradition of “family night.”  That’s what the girls call it, without us prompting them. They know Friday starts the weekend. Daddy typically rolls in a little earlier from work and they’re allowed to stay up a little later. I don’t remember where I heard it or when, but sometime pre-offspring I heard parenting advice that recommended having a family night - some sort of tradition that meant your kids could look forward to spending time with you. 
We are ice cream people.  Like, year-round, all-the-time, ice-cream-in-every-way-we-can-get-it people.  We have tried every brand and in many countries.  So when BlogHer and Breyers asked us to try out their new flavors--Breyers Blasts!® Chocolate REESE’S® and Breyers Blasts!® OREO® Birthday Blast!--we JUMPED at the chance.  Want to know why?  We are ice cream people.  In fact, one of our favorite family stories revolves around Breyers. True story.  Want to hear it?
When I was pregnant with both of my girls, I had...a slight ice cream problem, you might say. I ate a lot of it. I would come up with crazy concoctions and toppings- fruit and candies and syrups and OH YUM. We make jokes that Maggie is 75% ice cream, because that was pretty much 75% of my diet during the last weeks of my pregnancy. Now that Maggie's a little older, one of our favorite things to do is bond over sweets. We'll order dessert when we're out at a restaurant or share a couple of cookies after dinner at home. Dan just laughs and rolls his eyes because he's not really into dessert.

Ice Cream Must!

I recently tried the new Breyers Blasts!® Chocolate REESE’S®. :)This new variety features chunks of REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup pieces and REESE’S Peanut Butter swirled in chocolate frozen dairy dessert. Ya'll, it is yummy! It's chocolate ice cream with chunks of REESE’S peanut butter cup inside it! REESE’S peanut butter cups have always been good to me, but I've tried not to eat them too often because it's something I could eat tons of. The ice cream is sweet, but not too sweet, although it is pretty rich! I like how it's 'blasted' with chunks throughout.

Nothing Says Summer Like...

My children inherited a few quirky qualities from me: sass, enthusiasm, intensity, the need to be around people, and a bit of OCD, to name a few. Lucy got my "tanable" skin, whereas Peter inherited his father's white paste, capable of only an "Irish Tan" (sunburn). Who knows what other traits I will pass down. Hopefully mostly good ones. I do think Peter can carry a tune, so that's a plus. I wonder if he'll be able to flare his nostrils like me. Unrivaled, I tell you. 

Having a Blast with Breyers

Anabelle ran into the house, arms out, eyes wide, backpack still hanging from her shoulders. "Mom! July is National Ice Cream Month! Keep watch and stock up, Mom!" She gave me a hug. "I knew you'd want to know." I couldn't help but laugh. Yes, we take having a blast as a family seriously (though we're not having ice cream every single day in July). We make a concentrated effort to have frugal family fun, and often the inspiration for that fun is based on a theme or bizarre holiday. During the summer months, we try to visit a different park or outdoor location each weekend.

Do you ever stop and make a mental list of things that make you happy? I do. Seriously. When I'm having a super-crappy day, I try to force myself to stop wallowing for a minute and list My Happy Things. All sorts of random things are usually on that list. There's the kid, chocolate, the way Penny's fur flops around when she runs, peanut butter, Max purring, cookies, sporks, sprinkles, flowers, ice cream, frogs in my pond, food . . . hey! Did I mention that food makes me happy? Especially dessert? You know what makes me even happier? 

Summer Is A Blast

One of my favorite things about summer with little children is the simplicity. It's lazy, it's relaxed, and it's simple. I love having two little boys who are rowdy and very easy to entertain. They don't necessarily like "quiet" fun, but they don't need toys to have fun either. They just need an open area to run and they're good to go! One of our favorite ways to have a blast together in the warm weather is to set up the sprinkler in the yard, put the boys in their swimsuits (or even just a diaper), and let them run around the yard.

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