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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

$100 from Gift Card Mall

I'm always saying that the best thing to win is money.

Two sites are offering one $100 from Gift Card Mall.

Annette Funnyjello and Mama Makes Money both have the Gift Card Mall Giveaway.

Some more info: GiftCardMall.com has the largest selection of gift cards and allows you to add a personal feel when giving gifts and staying in touch. Standard or customized gift cards can be ordered and/or personalized from the comfort of your own computer. Your order is then sealed, addressed, and sent to you or your recipient(s) by GiftCardMall.com. Gift cards are available from a large variety of premium retailers, with variable denominations to suit your budget and more of your favorites are being added all the time!

Gift Card Mall also has e-cards from places like Lands End and JC Pennys.

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