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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Win $100 from Blogher and Jimmy Dean

The bloggers below are also on a journey to improve their health and wellness by making Better Choices in the New Year. They're also giving away $100 each -- so stop by their blogs, see what they have to say and share your own tips for your chance to win! ends Jan 30th.

Creating Motherhood said ~ "It’s walking! I can do it! It would mean fresh air, getting to know my neighborhood, showing my toddler son a healthy routine."

The Sassy Crumudgeon
said ~ "Eating a healthy breakfast made my day better, instantly."

Reproductive Jeans said~ "And my biggest betterment goal? Better eating habits: I've got an ace in my back pocket for this."

Lamb Around plans to help get her husband on a healthy eating track.

You, Me & The Kid said~ "I, like so many others will make a resolution to better my health and even more importantly my eating habits."

Barking Mad said~ "As we move towards the new year, I want to seriously kick up and intensify all of the changes I'm making."

Black Belt Mama said~ "I know that it's difficult for me to get motivated to work out on my own, so I set up a bunch of personal training sessions with an affordable trainer."

Gen of Quadville said~ "This year, my goal, take it down a notch. I'm not gonna change the good habits and discipline, just ease up a little. Maybe indulge more often in my favorite glass of wine or yummy dessert."

Cheat Day Cafe shares healthy changes she wants to make this year.

Faith, Fitness, Fun
said ~ "A new baby will fill my year, as well as working towards getting back into my “best-shape” self."

Taste and Tell
said ~ "I know that if I start my morning off with a healthy, protein-rich breakfast, I feel a lot better all day long."

Eclectic Recipes said~ "there’s no time like the new year to try to incorporate better choices."

Jamie Cooks It Up! said~ "The new Jimmy Dean products will be a great addition to my routine."

Smashed Peas and Carrots said~ "Man, let me just say they really are deee-lightful! They are the perfect breakfast for any momma-on-the-go."

Inis of A Lovely Thing will be making better breakfast choices for her and her family this year.

Our Life in the Kitchen said~ "it’s packed with lean protein and it’ll help me start my day (and my year) off on the right foot."

Jennifer of The Maynard Moment said~ "I am usually not a big on the breakfast sausage, but when I saw that they had Turkey Bacon, now that I can do!!!"

The Branches said~ "Our family has been trying to make healthier choices lately by exercising and eating right."

The Polka Dot Chair said~ "I am going to KICK that cereal habit."

Raising Colorado said~ "I’m making one of my top resolutions completely simple, so simple that I think I can possibly stick with it the entire year"

Busy Mom said~ "I need to eat healthier overall, and I'm trying to get geared up to make that commitment for the New Year."

Retro-Food said~ "My better choice for the new year is going to be to really think about what I am consuming and why–making more mindful choices."

The Skinny Gourmet said~ "Breakfast is one of the issues I'm particularly struggling with as the mother to a very active toddler."

Rebecca of Roots and Wings Co said~ "With the New Year coming up I want to add a resolution to make hot breakfasts more often."

Kristen of From My Tiny Kitchen said~ "I’m working on my New Years goals – trying to think of sensible, practical and beneficial goals. Here’s my list so far..."

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