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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Win $150 from Blogher & Laughing Cow

Win $150 from each of these blogs. ends 12/28

Being the only vegetarian in her family helps Fluid Pudding

Amanda of Run to the Finish shares tips on how to be a 10!

Busy Mom keeps her portions light

For Love Or Funny Shares her sex symbol diet plan with you.

Workout Mommy says no to holiday treats with 3 easy steps.

Anne of Happy Fun Pants tells you how to be selective on the things you indulge in

Read "Keep Your Waistline During the Holidays" by Erica of My Colombian Recipes

Mom to the Screaming Masses shares her treats with the mail man.

"How to avoid holiday food traps" Read Melody of Cheat Day Caf├ęs

Jenny On The Spot says "So what do I do so I don’t burst the seams of my holiday dress?"

Read Ramona of Kirida's "Anti-gorging holiday plan"

Life in Chicago Makes it through the holidays without having to buy new pants
Nicole of Pinch My Salt shares 7 great tips with you and some delicious healthy recipes.

Gail of Shrinking Sisters says "Holiday parties are a minefield of diet dangers" check out her helpful tips to avoid

Read how Amy of Super Healthy Kids avoids her temptation to eat everything on her plate

BooMama has some tricks that are SUPER simple.

Janet of Slice of Pink shares her "tiny tricks and treats" with you

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