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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Win $100 Best Buy card from Blogher

Samsung’s PowerFoam™ Technology creates a powerful yet gentle foam that thoroughly cleans even your biggest loads. We asked our bloggers how this machine would help simplify their lives. See what they had to say and enter for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy gift card on each blog! ends 6/30

Raising Colorado: I know what you are thinking. You are probably all, "Um, it's another washer and dryer, big whoop." I thought that too. Here's the deal: that inconspicuous cleaning duo holds a king-sized comforter. Or 28 bath towels. Like at once.

In This Wonderful Life
: So, as some of you may know, I am expecting twins :) Not only am I six months pregnant with two babies, I found out on Friday that I must be tucked in bed until they arrive.This has me thinking, is someone going to take over my oh-so-dreadful chore of doing the laundry?

Burgh Baby
: I covet the Samsung PowerFoam™ Laundry Machine. Like, BAD. People, it can wash up to 28 towels at one time. We don't even own 28 towels. Do you understand how much time it would free up if we could get down to just doing laundry every other day instead of every day?

Momo Fali: My current washer and dryer are the first washer and dryer I ever bought...and I'm almost 40.

My Little Life: Are you ready? Okay...there's this new laundry technology from Samsung, that (excuse me please, while I try to contain my excitement...squeeeeeeee!!!!) sounds like my dream come true. Friends...this new " PowerFoam™ " technology may be the best invention since sliced bread.

Whatever: If I had to create a machine that was better... it would be a washing machine that had a conveyor belt that pulled the clothes into itself.

Mel and Boys: Does anyone feel like they spend at least 1/2 their life doing loads and loads of laundry? Well, I do!

Boo Mama
: When I was growing up, I loved to watch "The Jetsons." Everything about it fascinated me... But more than anything else, I loved the stuff that made Jane's life easier. Rosie the Robot was always around to pitch in with household chores.

Welcome to Quadville: Call me a dreamer, but it's equipment like this (link to Samsung) that makes my heart sing. The future we live in, isn't half bad. Now, if they could create a machine that folds, and puts it all away, I'd be in heaven!! He he he!

Busy Mom: We could do laundry every day and never be caught up...If there were something sturdy (we are hard on washers and dryers, y'all) that could enable me to spend less time on laundry and still get things clean, I'd certainly be all over that.

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