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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Win $100 Visa from Degree & Blogher

We asked 12 bloggers to get moving and join the Degree Women “Get into the Move” program. Follow along with them as they track their progress in staying active this summer! ends 7/18 and 8/23

Each blogger is also giving you the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card! Read each post and enter for your chances to win!*

PLUS we’re giving BlogHer readers a jump start— visit facebook.com/degreewomen to join “Get Into the Move,” then enter this exclusive code (GetMoving1) to earn 5 motionMILES that can be used for chances to win thousands of exciting prizes!

Whatever admits that now it's summer, she's has to try even harder to be active. "It's easy to go go go for the kids, but with everyone home all day there isn't much time for me." Read what her goals are for staying in motion this summer!

SusieJ does yoga every chance she can get – "at least once a day, relying on my phone, with its MP3 apps of yoga routines." Read what other activites keep her active.

Secret Agent Josephine shares that her dream plan is to sweat every day. "It doesn’t matter how. I can spend an hour hacking at the clay-like soil in my garden, I can jump rope, I can run with the dog, I can take aqua aerobics or belly dancing at the gym…I can even run around my backyard like a crazy maniac, so long as I’m doing something and breaking a sweat!"

Jenny On The Spot explains that result of cutting back her physical activity, "I have realized I really, really need to make an active lifestyle a priority on my to-do list. But it means I have to be creative with how I stay active. I don’t have the time to do what I used to, but I NEED to keep moving!"

Joy Unexpected is so proud that she's recently lost 59 pounds! "For health reasons, I have to lose another 35 pounds. I know that the only way this will be possible is by moving my body and staying active. Exercise has been the key to losing weight and it will be the key to getting to my goal weight." Read how she's staying on track to maintain her goal!

Burgh Baby confesses that she's never been one to enjoy exercise. "Which is to say, PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME GO TO THE GYM. Sitting on a stationary bike makes me fantasize about throwing stationary bikes off of a cliff. Aerobics classes are for mocking, not for doing. Exercising at the gym is just not my thing. AT ALL!" See what other activities she's loving to keep her active!

Mom To The Screaming Masses tries to work out every day. "Try to being the operative word, but I try to get the sweat pouring every day in some way. Most often, it involves noon time boxing class. And, man, does the sweat pour there!" Read more to see what else is in her gym routine.

Busy Mom feel now that summer's here, "there are lots of opportunities to get out and do active things, and I've made up my mind to take advantage of them. I've already been swimming with the kids and am trying to incorporate more things like walking from the parking garage at work rather than taking the shuttle." Learn what other ways she's accruing "Get Into The Move" motionMILES!

The SHU Box believes that exercise is an essential part of a balanced and happy lifestyle. "I know that I will feel better having gotten in some activity, but on days when I need an extra push, some kind of tracking routine sometimes helps to push me out the door."

Suburban Turmoil confesses that "summer is a time when I can't hide any extra pounds on my frame! My family and I have gone on walks, hikes, ridden bikes and swam together." Read how else she's staying active this summer.

Pistols and Popcorn shares that after having her twins seven months ago, she needs to "step up my fitness game. My desire to lose the rest of this baby weight and be healthy is rooted not in vanity, but mostly it’s rooted in my desire to have energy." See how her sons are keeping her active and what else is on her fitness plan!

Geek Turned Athlete is so excited about joining the Degree "Get Into The Motion" challenge! See what daily activities she's doing that have her already racking up motionMILES!

Join the Degree "Get Into the Move" challenge!

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