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Monday, August 15, 2011

Win $100 Visa from Blogher & Degree

Each blogger is also giving you the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card! Read each post and enter for your chances to win!* ends 8/15

SusieJ feels stairs are a great way to keep the legs in shape…"so, essentially, I have this entire gym at my disposal in my house, and I’m not even using it." Read what other activites keep her active.

Secret Agent Josephine admits that she didn't put forth her best. "I’m not off the wagon completely. Thankfully, I’ve lost no weight nor gained. I’m still strugging with eating too much (why do I have to be such a good cook?!!)" Find out what gym class was able to keep her motivated.

Joy Unexpected shares how motivating the Get Into The Move facebook application is. " I plan on continuing to track my movements using this app as I continue to strive to reach my personal fitness goals. I love the idea of chances to win really great prizes by simply entering my movements here!"

Busy Mom finds herself found doing more things just to log her activity in her Get Into The Move account. "I've counted simple things such as walking from the parking garage at work to my office rather than taking the shuttle and cleaning up the yard."

Mom To The Screaming Masses feels the application has been a great motivator to help her stay active. "No more slacking off for me! From boxing class and running, my ultimate sanity checkers, the app has helped me keep on task. Each activity has given me points to use towards great prizes!"

Pistols and Popcorn shares it has been interesting to see how many things we can all do to just get into motion a little more. "Taking the kids to the park to play rather than just the back yard or going on a walk in the morning to get some produce for my new juicer: I get points for that!"

Whatever loves being able to track her workouts and get rewarded for it!
"I love logging my points to redeem for instant prizes and the weekly prizes are awesome and the grand prizes are FABULOUS!"

Jenny On The Spot agrees the Get Into the Move Challenge app has "proven to be a good friend…gently nudging me in those moments I could easily talk myself out of getting moving."

Burgh Baby happily reports that she's "logged over 120 miles on the bike trails and walked more than 40 miles during my lunch breaks!" See what other activities she's been logging!

The SHU Box had goals of "sticking to a consistent + moderate routine, incorporating running, strength training, and yoga. I would say pretty well: 3 runs, 3 yoga practices, and 2 cross-training/weights sessions got the ol' CHECK!-mark last week, earning me 5 entries into the weekly prize drawing!"

Suburban Turmoil admits that it is hard to stay motivated to work out everyday. Though, she loves earning motionMiles every time she gets moving. Besides taking a walk or swimming with the kids, see what other activities are earning her points.

Geek Turned Athlete agrees that it is really easy to record your movement. Learn what activity has she been logging the most points for.

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