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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Win $100 Visa from Blogher & Dreyers

11 lucky BlogHer reviewers had the opportunity to try Slow Churned™ Shakes and Smoothies. Ready in under 30 seconds, they simply had to add milk and stir. Read each of their posts below to find out what their families thought of these tasty shakes and smoothies! ends 8/31

Leave a comment on each blog for the chance to win a $100 gift card from BlogHer to stock up on your own Slow Churned™ Shakes and Smoothies and give your straw something fun to do! You have 11 chances to win!

­Being Lease says hot summer days bring out the begging for a cool treat. "My kids usually beg for a strawberry banana smoothie from a local franchise." Find out how she is satisfying their hunger.

Georgia of I Am Bossy used the recent heat wave as a chance to test out some new shakes and smoothies. "The chocolate shake tasted like a chocolate shake and the fruit smoothie tasted like a fruit smoothie!"

Jen of Not-Calm had her daughters act as taste testers. "They were both very happy, loved the flavors, and asked if we could get these for 'all the time?'" Check out what she likes about this new summer treat.

Lorie of Be Different Act Normal made shake tasting a family affair. "The kids loved making them as much as eating them." Find out what flavors is the family favorite.

Meg of Whatever… loves a great way to cool off on a hot summer night. "The shakes and smoothies were a success." The family loves the sweet treats, see which ones they like the best.

Leah of A Girl and a Boy treats herself to a sweet snack in the evening. "They come in a size that lets you feel indulgent without going overboard." Check out how she added flair to her nightly treat.

The Saved Quarter looks for convenient ways to make cold treats. "Hot summer days and ice cream - is there a better combination?" Read which flavors made the top of her list.

Secret Agent Josephine is always looking for something cold and sweet in the hot summer months. "As you can see we scream for ice cream around here." Find out which flavors made them scream.

Lindsay of Suburban Turmoil could not keep the shakes out of her children's hands. "The kids were thrilled that they got to "make" their shake themselves." Check out her kids' creations.

Real Mom Kitchen picked up two flavors of the shakes and smoothies and "then this ice cream lovin' family was ready to dig in!" See how the ice cream rated in her house.

Gen of Quadville loves her sweets. "My favorite guilty pleasure is a big bowl of slow churned goodness." See why this ice cream does not make her feel as guilty.

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