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Monday, June 4, 2012

Win $100 Visa from Simply Cranberry & BlogHer 0606

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Get Creative and Assemble Your Own Delicious Drink!

I love to throw a party--a full-out themed birthday party or a simple dinner party. I love the creative process involved, and I love spending time with people I love with good food and drink. At our house good drink is non-alcoholic. At a party I recently hosted our good drink was fruit juice. I love having my guests get involved with the food, and so I love to do "food bars or drink bars" where the guests actually assemble their own food.
As you can see from the picture below, the only juice in the Steece household is from Simply Orange Juice Company. So when I was presented with the opportunity to review the brand new Simply Cranberry™ Cocktail ~ I jumped at the chance!
I recently got the opportunity to host a Girls' Night In party, so I asked my friend Tracey if she would like to help me out by having the party at her house. She has a beautiful dining room, and she was more than ready to get it spruced up for spring. The party was just the ticket to inspire her to bring out her spring accessories.
With the weather being so nice lately and the feeling of spring in the air, the kids and I decided to throw a fun "Spring is Here!" party for their little friends and mine too! This party was the perfect opportunity to try Simply Cranberry™ Cocktail as the color really made for a great drink presentation, and the simple nature of the ingredients (plus no added preservatives) made it perfect for me to serve it to all the kids who came. 
I love getting together for dinner with my extended family! We always have the best time catching up over some of the yummiest culinary creations. At our most recent family shin-dig, I was in charge of the cocktail hour.
As a busy and single twenty-something living in New York City, one of my favorite things to do is have dinner then hit the town with my girlfriends. Sometimes instead of going to one of our favorite restaurants, though, it’s nice to spend the evening at home and have a relaxing dinner before heading out for the rest of the night. Last week my best friends Jessi, Erica, and I did just that. We all met at my apartment after a long day of work, and I greeted them with a Cranberry Lime Mocktail.  

Cranberry and Kumquat Cocktails - Simply Yummy!

I am sure it has to do with the fact that it is made with not-from-concentrate cranberry juice, has no added preservatives, and is kept chilled from the time it's blended until you pick it out of the refrigerated section of your grocery store, but my kids don't really care why it tastes better, they just enjoy the mix of sweet and tart that makes for one great glass of cranberry juice cocktail. 

Cranberry Pineapple Sorbet Recipe

A few weeks ago I had a cranberry party. The Simply Cranberry Cocktail people (through BlogHer) contacted me and asked if I'd like to throw a dinner party and use their new Simply Cranberry Cocktail as a springboard for the menu-planning.

Celebrating Spring with Cranberry Goodness!

My craving for cranberry juice peaks as the daffodils start poking through the snow each spring. Its refreshing tartness was my beverage of choice after both of our girls were born in the early springtime, and I can't help seeking it out this time of year. Sometimes I mix it with lemon-lime soda for a bubbly spritzer. But mostly I drink it straight-up, in all its bright puckery goodness.  Read more
It was nothing extravagant, but time with family is always special and my family, in particular, is fun. And because I'm not known for my cooking and baking skills, my husband went to our favorite Cupcakery, Velvet and picked out a dozen of our favorite flavors. With the deliciously rich cupcakes though, I decided to add Simply Cranberry Cocktail to the champagne to give our taste buds a little lift.

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