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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Win $100 Cooking.com GC from BlogHer 8/23

We asked ten bloggers how they Keep It Simply Smart in the kitchen and they each shared their top ten tips. Check out their lists below and share your best tips with them. You could win a $100 Cooking.com gift card!
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I am receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for blogging about this Promotion.

10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Time in the Kitchen

I like to be prepared every week for what I'm going to make for supper during the week. I like to have all of my groceries on hand and I don't want to make any last minute trips to the grocery store--especially with two small children. I want to enjoy my time in the kitchen! So I came up with a little list of 10 tips to make the most of your time in the kitchen. Some of these are time-saving tips and some are sanity-saving tips.

ten tips for keeping it simply smart at dinner time

In our {kind of crazy} life, dinner time seems to be one of those crux times of the day; more often than not, when dinner goes well, the evening follows suit. However, it also seems like managing dinner time, and keeping a good system in place, can be quite the battle. With that in mind, and partially as a charge to myself as I try a new family schedule this month, Jordan and I compiled our best tips for keeping it simply smart at dinner time. 

Dinner Made Easy {and a giveaway}

The good news is that with a few pantry staples on hand, you can usually pull something together pretty easily. You would think that because I am a food blogger and talk about food all day, that dinner is always perfectly planned at my house and on the table at 5:30 on the dot. But in reality, it's so much different than that. Especially when I have a lot of assignments due and I've been in the kitchen cooking all day long. More often than not, I'm that girl who finds herself in front of the fridge, wondering what to make.  

10 Tips for Healthy Eating & an Organized Kitchen

I am really excited about this post because I get to talk about two things I'm really passionate about: organization and eating healthy. From talking to friends I've learned that these two subjects can be intimidating to people. Today I want to show you how I organize my kitchen and meals to create a healthy lifestyle and eating habits for my family.  

Quick and Easy Tips to Getting an Organized Kitchen

Hi friends! Today I'm sharing a few quick and easy tips to getting an organized kitchen.... because let's face it; kitchens can get kind of crazy in a fraction of a second! (Or is it just mine??) I know it is always a daily struggle to keep my kitchen clean, organized, and functional, all at the same time. So I put together a few tips and tricks that can help you achieve a more organized kitchen.  

Open and Organized :: Keep It Simply Smart :: Giveaway

As much as I love the idea of open shelving in the kitchen, they can get very busy, unorganized, and even messy very quickly. I thought it would be the perfect time to dig through my open shelving and kitchen inspiration photos to see how other folks keep their open shelving simple, clean, and organized. Here are ten tips to keep your open shelving looking fabulous.  

5-Ingredient Meals + $100 Cooking.com Gift Card Giveaway

A bunch of bloggers are going to be making their own lists about simplicity and time-saving inspiration in the kitchen. I don't know about you, but this series is totally up my alley. Simplicity and time-saving ideas? Check and check. So I'm super excited that my topic to share is...5-Ingredient Meals!

Ten Tips for Easy Organization

I, at times, get discouraged that most summer days are just as busy as every other day of the year. Anyone else? Well good. Because I have found a new motivation to be positive and have rounded up ten ideas to help us stay organized and keep everyone happy at the same time. Let's consider it a...new summer resolution, of sorts, and start fresh by Keeping It Simply Smart!  

Top Ten Favorite Repurposed Kitchen Containers

I am one of those people who has a really hard time throwing away used containers! I'm not a candidate for the show "Hoarders"...yet. :-) But I just hate the idea of throwing away perfectly good, perfectly reusable things. Especially when they can be so helpful around the house in other ways.

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