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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Win $100 GC from Lily of France and BlogHer 8/15


Bloggers Try On the Lily of France ® Extreme Collection

 Click on the links below to read the bloggers' reviews and learn about all of the many innovative features of these new bras. Each blogger is giving away a $100 gift card so winners can buy themselves some new EXTREMELY lovely bras!
Read the Reviews!

Lily of France Review & Giveaway

If there is one thing I do not like, it is shopping for anything apparel related for myself. I usually just load up my virtual shopping cart with things I think will fit, order it with Jeff's money, wait for it to be delivered to my doorstep, try it on, and then mail whatever doesn't fit back. Jeans? I order the same pair in three different sizes. Dresses? Same. Shoes? I'm either a ten or an eleven (BIGFOOT). Shopping for BRAS? Forget about it. When I do buy a bra, I do not try it on. I just pick what size I think I am and call it a day.  

Your Boobies at Work + a Giveaway

I don’t talk a lot about my day job on this here blog, but here’s a hint: I work as a marketing manager for a consulting firm that is mostly male. I’ve learned that as a woman in my industry, it’s really important to look the part – i.e., I want the focus to be on my ideas and contributions rather than what lurks beneath the surface of my blouse. So, it’s suuuper important that I be really conscientious about my work attire: no gaping buttons, no skirts that are too short, no pants that are too tight.  

The All-Important Bra

Friends, let’s talk about something important today: boobs. Or better yet, the piece of clothing that supports your boobs: the all-important bra. In about ten weeks (or less!), I’ll be strapping on nursing bras. Not that exciting. But until then, I’m loving wearing fun, flirty bras. So when Lily of France contacted me to review a few of their new bras, I was pretty excited! Sign me up. The first bra I received is called the Extreme U Plunge™. My sample came in a fun purple silk edged with leopard print. Va-va-voom. This bra, as its name suggests, is perfect for plunging necklines. 

I See London, I See [Lily of] France

For the past 3 years I have worn one bra. Well, one everyday bra. I own a strapless bra (my elastic nemesis) and many sports bras, but if we are talking 'hey, you need to leave the house today and people will see you, but you won't be executing any high impact maneuvers or wearing a strapless bridesmaids dress,' my solution is to put on my bra. My. One.  

My Rules for What to Wear to Work as a Creative (Chance to Win $100)

As a professional writer, there are a few rules I try to live by in the workplace. The first is that when it comes to my writing, I strive to be invisible. What I mean is that when you read what I write, I want to disappear so that all you pay attention to is the story, the emotions, the characters—not to me. You notice the writer when clunky phrasing or awkward word choices or grammatical gaffes crop up.  

Top 3 BRAS Every Girl Needs for Summer: Lily of France

Did you know that a women's bra preference says a lot about her as a person? Those looking for sports bras, are typically athletic. Those looking for full coverage, are after comfort. Those looking for lace, want to show some sex appeal. Because I work from home, yet still dress up for style shoots and going out with friends, I am all about OPTIONS when it comes to finding the perfect bra. With it being summer, we are more opt to need this versatility when wearing the fashions of the season. I was so excited to team up with the folks of Lily of France and try out their NEW line of bras.

I Have a New Favorite Brand of Bras on My Hands!

As someone who normally works from home but also spends a lot of time out on the town for work and pleasure, I have quite the varied wardrobe. Most of my days are spent in comfortable clothes like jeans and tee shirts. But when the evening rolls around you’ll usually find me in skinny jeans, a dress, a romper, or just about any fun, stylish outfit to counter spending all day in comfy clothes. ;)

This Bra is So Soft and Comfortable.

I have a hate-filled relationship with bras, which is weird since I have worn a bra since the fifth grade.  They have never fit right, or covered correctly. They slip when they get too loose or create marks on my shoulders when they are too tight. My routine is to go to a certain bra store and get their latest angel lift which fits great for the first week or two, but just as quickly feels horrible. For weeks afterward, I struggle with tightening straps or using different clasps, all in an effort to make it feel comfortable again.  

Going to Work with Lily of France

Undergarments are woefully ignored when discussing professional attire. You may be wearing the perfect wool suit with an expensive silk blouse, but that collected demeanor can be absolutely ruined by the wrong bra. The biggest offender for improper bra deployment is loose bra straps. Fiddling with your bra straps not only draws attention to your bra, but it also makes you look fidgety and uncomfortable, both no-nos at work. Sometimes this is a problem because your bra is so old the elastic has given up on you. Upgrade to Lily of France's Extreme Lightly Lined Underwire™.  

I Feel Like a New Woman

I really never thought I would dive back into the working world. Let's face it, people, I've been a stay-home mom for almost a decade. A decade! That's a lot of diaper changes and saying "Get your finger out of your nose." At this point in my stay-home-mom career I feel mostly qualified to cut up someone's food and remind them to use the potty. Now I find myself in the position of maybe interviewing for what could possibly be my perfect job, at least for this stage in my life: part-time hours with close to full-time pay and I could bring Zoey to work with me.

Back to Work with Lily of France

When I left the workforce to raise my son back in 2005, I traded in my suit jackets and button-down shirts for a wardrobe of T-shirts, sweatpants, and sports bras.  That became my uniform for the next 6 and a half years, and in the interim I moved to suburbia, lost a huge amount of weight, gained all of it back slowly, saw the U.S. hit one of the most severe economic depressions in history, and lamented ever rejoining the workforce again.

No Bra Funeral Needed

I mostly go braless. I've admitted as much on this blog several times. I've thought of burning all my bras out of protest, but not for political reasons. I'd be protesting the fact that ever since I was old enough to legitimately wear mammary support, I can count on my fingers how many bras have actually been comfortable enough for me to want to wear once I shed out of my suitable-to-be-seen-in-without-being-mistaken-for-a-hobo wardrobe. But it wasn't for lack of trying.  

Today We're Talking Bras!

Hello Ladies! Today we are talking bras! I've always been a BIG Victoria's Secret girl. Mainly because I wasnt "blessed" with large luscious breasts. It's unfortunate, but I've come to terms with it and I've made up for what God didn't give me via bras. The better the pushup = the better friends we are! Well, today I'm going to change your life for the better and I promise your pocket books will LOVE me for this.I was sent 3 Lily of France bras and I have never been so pleasantly surprised in my life! They were very pretty, made of smooth silky material and fit PERFECTLY.

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