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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Win $100 Visa GC from BlogHer & Vanity Fair

Bloggers had the opportunity to discover a new side of Vanity Fair® Lingerie! We sent them each bras and panties to try out and write reviews for you. But that's not all -- each blogger is giving away a $100 Visa gift card!

The new side of Vanity Fair® Lingerie features:
  • Modern Coverage for subtle cleavage, great comfort, and support
  • Mid coverage cups and straps
  • Smoothing side wings
  • Less coverage, same great Vanity Fair style and fit!
Read the reviews by clicking on the links below, leave a comment, and be entered to win a gift card! 
The We've Got You Covered Sweepstakes runs from 9/10 through 10/7/12/12 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Read the official rules here. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck!
Read the Reviews!

{$100 Giveaway} Vanity Fair® Review of the Modern Coverage and Illumination Line

I'm the type of woman who literally swoons anytime I buy new undergarments. I love when I find good fitting (and reasonably priced) garments without driving 30 miles out of the way. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I was given the opportunity to review the Modern Coverage bra and Illumination® panty collections from Vanity Fair®. When I tore open the package I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful hues and silky fabrics. Any time I get new undergarments I like to read over the labels and see where I can wear the garments and still feel comfortable.  

A Discussion About Undergarments & Vanity Fair Bra Reviews (Plus a Giveaway!)

Okay ladies, we are about to get real personal here, because we're going to talk about undergarments today. Though they are often an afterthought (I mean, you don't exactly plan which bra you're going to wear the night before your workday), undergarments can affect how your clothing looks, so the topic's worth discussing, no? Now I'm not going to get into the whole "89% of American women are wearing the wrong bra size" thing. Instead I'm going to focus on why it's important to wear the right bra with the right clothing.    

Rest in Peace Grannie Panties

The mundane relationship (can I call it that? a relationship?) I once had with my underwear turned sour after I had kids. I have drawers packed full of pre-child underthings that don't fit. I keep cramming myself into all of it like a 5' 2" sausage into a lacy casing, but it's uncomfortable and usually pretty unattractive. It's probably not healthy to use tight-fitting underwear as a punishment for an addiction to smoked brisket, but it's the only way I'll learn.  

That Coveted Hour-Glass Shape? It's Just Minutes Away.

If those hooks are just a quarter of an inch too high, you could appear as though you’ve got a cart of apples under your dress. Tweak that hook just a smidgen, and you have the power to elevate a simple white cotton shirt and jeans to Parisian levels. (Be sure to add a scarf. Silk? All the better.) When it comes to getting that svelte hour-glass shape we focus on the cut of the fabric, the line, and even invest hours at the gym. But most often we forget the most important element there is to style -- the foundation.  

On Bras and Bodies

When I was given the opportunity to review the Vanity Fair® Modern Coverage Collection of Bras and Illumination® Underwear, I was excited and nervous. New bras and I haven't always gotten along. My first post-baby, post-breastfeeding bra-shopping experience was not a pretty sight. I hadn't successfully breastfed for as long as I'd hoped, and I was struggling to make peace with my new figure. I went into the whole experience feeling, quite literally, deflated.  

Not yo Mama's Lingerie

I have lovingly given my body over to be ruined twice to carry my sweet boys. If that wasn't enough, I allowed the damage to go even further when I acted as milk cow for them both and often succumbed to brutal, biting torture. Anyone else who has done this knows one thing for sure:You will forever need a magical hold everything back up where it used to be bra.  Enter Vanity Fair® and their new Modern Coverage Collection Bras.  

The End of My Jiggly Juggs

As a blogger, I am often sent products for review, and I also purchase and test my own. There have only been a couple of occasions when a free product made me loyal to the brand.This is one of them.  I have a dear friend, Meagan, who absolutely cringes when she sees my lack of support (she tells me all the time). I’m aware that I needed improvement. I’ve been on the hunt for better bras for a couple of years now. I’d buy the so-called supportive bras that had larger cups, but no strap support. Some of those bras would be so thin that the slightest breeze caused “hardnippleitis."  

Vanity Fair® Review (In Which We Talk About Our Underwear Some More.)

I'll be the first to admit that I'm kind of a bra snob. I've had it in my head for a while now that to get the right look on my hard-to-fit body, I am going to have to go with high-end boutique brands and shell out some cash. I haven't even given classic brands like Vanity Fair® a second glance, because surely they wouldn't fit me, right? Right? Wrong. All three of these bras fit me great, and we're talking without backfat and without ... spillage. My favorite of the three, because lord knows I like me some coverage, is the Vanity Fair® Advanced Support Underwire Bra.  

Vanity Fair Bras and Underwear Give a Strong Foundation for Your Wardrobe

It's official, 2012 is the year of the Great Mommy Makeover. Now that my son is in elementary school, I have no more excuses for schlubbing around in the same old tired wardrobe (note to self: it really is time for me to re-enter society). For a long, long time I went around thinking – who cares, life isn’t a fashion show! Then I read an interview with designer Marc Jacobs where he said we dress to show our respect for other people. At the end of the day, I can get with that concept and want to embrace it. See this photo from a couple of years ago?  

The Latest from Vanity Fair, Plus a $100 Giveaway

In July I got the chance to partner with Lily of France to show off some bras they’d sent me and share some of my professional dress tips for those who work in the creative industry. Lily of France’s parent company, Fruit of the Loom, was so pleased with the response you guys had to that post that they wanted to pair up again to show off some more of their latest products, this time from their Vanity Fair® brand. First off, they've released a new Modern Coverage line of bras, which means that they’re cut and shaped a little differently from the traditional bras.

Vanity Fair Lingerie is What I'm Talking About

There are a few necessities when it comes to being a girl. (In no particular order ... )  A killer handbag. A cute pair of sunnys. A smart phone. A good skincare regimen. Makeup. That "perfect" bra and matching panties. So when my friends at BlogHer and Vanity Fair contacted me to review a couple items from their Modern Coverage and Illumination® lines, I knew I was cut out for the task. Now let me tell you, I dread bra shopping. It might just be my least favorite thing to do. I ALWAYS have to go into the store and try on a zillion styles before I can find one that works for me.  

Vanity Fair: Sexy Lines Without the Big Price Tag

I told you all before BlogHer this year I wasn't a shopper. I like clothes, hate to shop for them. Well friends, the same goes for underwear. Mostly because underwear is so darned expensive. It just boggles my mind to pay $75 for a bra that will (no matter how much I pledge to wash it on delicates only) end up in the whitest whites wash cycle at some point. Then it's all downhill from there. So I usually just grab them off the racks as I need them. After I got married and the honeymoon luster wore off, the only expensive bras I bought were when I was nursing Bella.  

So y'all know I love to talk about my boobs, right? I mean I did write a whole post about The Girls. I was recently asked by Fruit of the Loom, the parent company of Lily of France, to continue working with them by reviewing Vanity Fair's Modern Coverage and Illumination® collections of bras and panties. The Girls are also excited to get some more time on the blog. Coming out of retirement can be hard on the ego and all.  

In Praise of a Well Fitting Bra

If there is one thing that can make or break how this little bee feels during the day, it's how her bra fits. I have what seems to be an odd size, 34 D/DD, and it is difficult to find bras that fit. My latest goal in bra-seeking has been trying to find one that does not make my bust look any bigger. Come on now, D is large enough, I do not need extra padding that makes them enormous. At least not in my everyday work clothes, thank you very much! Can I tell you how happy I have been this past week wearing the new Vanity Fair ® Modern Coverage Collection all over town?  

The Latest & Greatest in Bras - Vanity Fair

17... That's the number of bras currently hanging in my closet! Last month I shared my little secret about my love for Lily of France with you! Prior to this finding I was a "VS girl" all the way. After this finding I'm a "what gets the job done for the best price girl!" So today I'm here to share with y'all my newest secret in bra world. Let me introduce to you Vanity Fair's Modern Coverage Collection! The Modern Coverage Collection is the newest Vanity Fair® line which has been modified from the Full Coverage Line to create a more attractive, sexier line of bras. 

Last week I received the box of Vanity Fair® bras and underwear I'd have to wear for an upcoming review and, upon first glance, I quickly shoved them back into the box. I initially didn't like what I saw and I absolutely will not "push" a product that I'm not in love with. But a few days ago, as I was preparing to pack them up for return shipment, I thought I'd give them another chance. So I reluctantly pulled the underthings out again, chose the Vanity Fair® Look Lifted Underwire Bra, hooked it around my waist, twisted it, and pulled the straps over my shoulders, expecting to hate it.

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