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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Great Stuffing Debate - Win $500 Visa

Stuffing. The side dish that makes people take sides. Visit The Great Stuffing Debate, where Swanson is releasing a new debate question weekly, along with recommended stuffing recipes and more! They want to know what people love or hate in their stuffing and have asked five bloggers to weigh in. Read about their mouth watering stuffing recipes for a chance to win one of five $500 Visa gift cards!

Melanie from Big Mama is a firm believer in cornbread dressing. Her favorite dressing recipe in the world came from her mother-in-law. "It’s part of the reason I married P since I was worried that I may never get the recipe!" Luckily, Melanie's sharing it with you...read on to find out the secret ingredients.

Tara from Feels Like Home is a little confused with the differences between stuffing and dressing. "We make something that we call stuffing, but we cook it in a baking dish in the oven. No turkey involved." Are you in the same gravy boat?

Deborah from Taste and Tell doesn't know what she'll contribute to the Thanksgiving feast this year. Her biggest delemma each holiday is creating something tried and true or something new? See how her two different dressing recipes favor out when put to the family taste test.

Angie from Eclectic Recipes grew up seeing the Great Stuffing Debate play out each year between her mother and father. "My Dad preferred the bird was stuffed because he said that was the more traditional thing to do. He was a strong believer in following traditions." Find out if Angie chose to keep stuffing according to father's family tradition or if she follows her mother's recipe for dressing.

Amanda from I Am Mommy deems herself "one lazy and un-organized cook," which is why she loves the basic dressing recipe she's serving this holiday. Amanda's also sharing her secret go-to gravy recipe and it's "infused with the most succulent yet subtle bacon flavor!"

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