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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Win $250 Best Buy Card

One of these bloggers said she likes funny so I wrote her a limerick:

There was an old woman from Denver,
Whose computer was slow as a blender,
She won a new lap top,
She’s now into hip-hop
And riding on somebody’s fender.

From Blogher and Intel 10 chances to win $250 Best Buy Card:

The Great Fitness Experiment
How to be Good at Multi-tasking.
"Thankfully Intel heard my cries, all the way from the bottom of the laundry pile I'm buried under, and sent me a new wicked efficient brain!"

Reagan's Blob
I’m definitely busy. Let me count the ways….
"For real though, in order to keep up with my HDOF questions, emails from clients and freelance jobs, I unfortunately have to be organized."

I am Style-Ish
Multi-tasking Queen
"Life gets so busy sometimes and I've had to learn the art of multi-tasking in order to get all my check lists, checked off."

Steece's Pieces
Never a Dull Moment!
"I am a registered nurse who works 3-4 days a week. I have 3 year old quadruplets who attend school twice a week. Life. Is. Busy."

Buns in my Oven
Changing my World
"I haven't shouted "WOULD YOU JUST HURRY UP?" to the little laptop even once since I got it. My kids think it's a miracle."

320 Sycamore
A Typical Day
"It is super fast with something called Turbo Boost technology…which allows me to get on, get what I need done quickly, then get off."

Joyful Abode
Octopus arms would be helpful.
"Multitasking. Everyone does it. But everyone’s version looks different. And one person can have different multitasking scenarios"

Southern Hospitality
Intel® Core™ i5 Review
"There's writing posts, taking pics, editing pics, getting everything loaded and ready to post. Whew!"

Picky Palate
Intel® Core™ i5 Review
"We, or maybe I should say "I" feel like I am always running around with my family just hoping to get everything I need to get done every single day."

Bring the Rain
Hello Mr. Intel!

"Well if you have read my blog for any length of time you will know that multitasking is a vital part of my life."

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